Software Sourcing & Selection

make better decisions about your software

Save Time

We do the work, so you can focus on the strategy. Thorough research of the market, your competitors, meetings with vendors, considered analysis, synthesised into useful information to back your decisions.

Know Your Options

Consolidate, upgrade, outsource or host externally? What products are available? Can you leverage more value from what you have?

Negotiate Better Outcomes

Our research drives better decisions and negotiating power. For better price, better terms and better service levels.

Recent Projects

Software Review

Reviewed current e-discovery and litigation support software to ensure best fit and value for the firm. Reduced spend on recurring licence renewals, increased awareness of alternative products, hosting and charging models.

Cost Minimisation

Financial analysis of current software and infrastructure maintenance spend, presented graphically. Optimised invoice payment process to reduce administration for managers. Improved visibility for the CIO of budget versus spend.


Advised on options to reduce spend and consolidate maintenance contracts. Reduced annual spend by more than 70% for some contracts.