Consulting Services

To negotiate effectively with your vendors, you need market intelligence:
knowledge of alternative products, the vendor landscape and what competing firms are using.

Cost Optimisation

Are you getting the best deal from your vendors? We can review the basis for how you are charged and whether that still matches your current needs. To negotiate a fee reduction, you need a clear understanding of your options for change ...

Options for Change

A strong negotiator has other options. So we assess the market for alternative platforms and providers. We identify their relevant strengths and weaknesses, and what it would take to make the switch.

Competitor Analysis

You need to know what the other firms are using and how they use it. We help you judiciously share information via vendors and other firms, which leaves you better informed and better connected.

Get More from What You Have

While knowing your options for change is important for negotiation and confirming you have the right technologies in place, there is often great untapped value in what you already have.

Are you limited by the ability of your firm to absorb change? RightFile can help you identify the easiest and highest value opportunities.

For example:

  • Options for upgrading or adding a module to an existing system,
  • integrating information between existing systems,
  • consolidating systems,
  • moving to hosted services and
  • helping negotiate better service and new features for your current products.

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Vendors have Marketing Budgets, You have RightFile

Quick wins, Long-term results

Quick wins, Long-term results

We deliver immediate value - information that strengthens your long-term negotiating position.

Vendor Relationships

Vendor Relationships

Your vendor relationships are important. Our clients have stronger vendor relationships that are more commercial and aligned to mutual objectives.

A 'Buyer's Advocate'

A 'Buyer's Advocate'

We act as a 'buyer's advocate': pooling together the interests of software buyers. We keep your identity from vendors until you are ready to engage - avoiding spam and sales calls.

Passionate Vendor Independence

Passionate Vendor Independence

RightFile works for buyers of sofware, not the vendors. We do not re-sell, endorse or represent vendor interests. Our good relationships with vendors are for the benefit of our clients.

How we do it

1. Analyse

Short analysis of
your requirements

2. Research

Research of the market and
relative vendor positioning.

3. Meet

We meet with vendors
and their clients.

4. Report

Our recommendations
and actionable steps.


All our work is strictly confidential to our clients.

Clear outcomes, fixed price

Before formally starting a project, RightFile prefers to clearly understand your expectations and document an approach to the work, with no obligation to engage.

RightFile will usually quote fixed-price for relatively short engagements. Of course, we are open to other arrangements.